Changes to how you contact us

We are trying new solutions that will improve access for our patients by reducing the need to telephone and will avoid long waiting times to get through to us. If an appointment is required urgently or very soon, we have added to our homepage ‘Contact us online. Get advice and treatment for new symptoms or…

Your general practice team is here to help you

At many GP surgeries, there is a range of health professionals who can help you, depending on your situation. In this film, three children go behind the scenes at a general practice to meet some of those health professionals. Your general practice team is here to help you:


Help raise Awareness for Men’s Health this November, including Mental Health, Suicide, Prostate and Testicular Cancer. You could ‘Grow a Mo’, ‘move for mental health’, ‘host a mo-ment’ or ‘mo your own way’. Your donation and support could help save a loved one’s life!