Make May Purple – Action on Stroke Month

Stroke FAST

Make May Purple /Action On Stroke Month is arranged by The Stroke Association and runs annually throughout May. The month is to raise awareness of Strokes and their impact on sufferers and their friends and families as well as educating the general public on the signs and symptoms of strokes, what causes strokes, what happens during a stroke and what to do in the event of someone suffering a stroke.

A stroke is an attack on the brain, it happens when blood supply to part of the brain is cut off, causing death of that part of the brain, the effects of the stroke vary depending on which part of the brain is affected and how severe the stroke is. Strokes can also cause bleeding on the brain. The effects of stroke can be permanent although some people make a very good recovery, and a sufferer is vulnerable to further strokes. Often care and treatment is needed, and in serious cases, hospitalisation is needed and a stroke can cause immediate death or death through subsequent secondary strokes.

The Stroke Association’s Awareness Month raises vital funds for the stroke association to provide support to sufferers and to get information into the community to prevent stroke and make sure correct action is taken in the event of strokes.

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