Changes to how you contact us

We are trying new solutions that will improve access for our patients by reducing the need to telephone and will avoid long waiting times to get through to us. We are excited to introduce our new online service to enhance your experience when contacting us. Now, you can easily access our services from the convenience of your computer, mobile, or tablet device through our website. This innovative online platform allows you to seek advice or assistance from your GP without the need to wait on the phone.

If you experience new symptoms and require assistance from our duty clinical team, need support with an existing condition, or want to make a routine medical or administrative request, we encourage you to visit our 'home' page where you can complete an online request form swiftly and efficiently.

For some symptoms and problems, an appointment with a GP is not necessary. Please check our 'services' and 'self-referral' pages for alternative NHS funded and endorsed help and advice or you may wish to consider self-care, NHS 111 service or your local pharmacy for advice. The NHS Pharmacy First scheme means you can go and see a pharmacist about several minor illnesses and conditions you would previously have had to see your GP about. You can visit your pharmacist for a consultation and they will treat you and prescribe medication if necessary. If your condition is more serious you will be referred to a GP or hospital. For more info visit